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About The Winnipeg Foundation & Nourishing Potential

What is The Winnipeg Foundation?

We’re a community foundation, which means we’re a charitable organization that invests gifts from individuals, families and other organizations. The interest earned on the gifts helps the community through grants.

We’re committed to identifying and responding to the changing needs of our community, as well as to connecting donors with opportunities to support causes they care about.

We’re for good, forever. Formed in 1921, The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s oldest community foundation; today there are more than 180 community foundations across Canada. Since we never spend investment capital, it means we’ll be around forever.

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What is Nourishing Potential?

Nourishing Potential is a program, created by The Winnipeg Foundation, that helps kids access healthy food, cooking skills and nutrition education by making grants to after-school, drop-in and summer programs. Since Nourishing Potential’s launch in 2011, 87 grants totaling $571,714 have been made to charities across the city.

Money for the grants comes from the Nourishing Potential Endowment Fund, which works by pooling and investing all the gifts, and only spending the interest earned – meaning the fund keeps on granting forever. Targeted to grow to $5 million, the Nourishing Potential Fund will ensure approximately $200,000 is available to grant to programs every year.

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