Recipe for Success

Judging Criteria & Judges


  • Keith Muller,
    Dean, Red River College’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.
  • Sharon Blady,
    Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors
  • Susan Millican,
    Board Chair, The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Ace Burpee,
    Morning Show Host, Virgin 103 and Nourishing Potential Advisory Committee Member
  • Nicole Dubé,
    Social Media Reporter, CTV Morning Live

Video entries that meet the three minute time limit and adhere to the contest rules will be judged according to the following criteria:

Cooking skills – 35%

  • Your sandwich includes healthy ingredients, like fresh veggies or some sort of protein. Click here for healthy eating tips.
  • Your sandwich looks delicious and the judges want to eat it!
  • Your recipe is creative.

Teamwork – 20%

  • Your group looks like they’re having fun and enjoy cooking. We see you enjoying the sandwich you prepared.
  • Each team member participates and has an assigned task.

Safety – 10%

Presentation – 25%

  • Your video tells the story in an interesting and imaginative way, so it inspires others to try your recipe.
  • Your video presents the recipe so it is easy-to-follow and re-create. You might not be able to show all steps within the 3-minute time limit. However, the video should show key steps in the demonstration — from preparation to the final product. Ingredients and amounts are clearly stated (through caption or narration).
  • Video quality: Make sure the audience can see what your group is cooking and can hear clearly what you’re saying and how you are interacting with each other, with minimal distracting noise.

Wow factor – 10%

  • Judges can award points for entries that have that "special something." Get creative!

Judges reserve the right to not present awards in any or all of the categories should there be a lack of appropriate submissions.